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Welcome to SemmaDeal.com, your number one source for Smart Phones. We're dedicated to giving you the very best from all the major brands, with a focus on Right Pricing, Best Customer Service and Early Deliveries. 

Our Journey Started...
In 2016, while addressing a group of young to-be-entrepreneurs in a seminar on e-commerce in India, Mr. Sathish Kumar, our CEO,  went elaborative about the advantages of e-commerce and the opportunities it has been creating for new business owners. He explained that e-commerce has revolutionized the way the retail industry works. He was eloquent about the convenience it gives to the customers and the rate by which market competition factors helped in reducing the prices of the products and making it most affordable to the common man.  During the Q&A session, there was a very serious question thrown at him from a young aspirant from Madurai. 

He asked "My elder brother is an entrepreneur and he used to run three mobile retail stores in Chennai. His business has gone down drastically since the evolution of e-commerce based online markets in India. Even though I understand that e-commerce web portals give a lot of opportunities in terms of becoming sellers, don't you think the impact of this is felt heavily in  India’s traditional retail industry?" Mr. Sathish tried to resonate to this problem raised by the young man and tried to answer the concern in all possible ways. However, his face revealed that he was not satisfied with the answer.

When Sathish first started out his journey behind this new problem, his/her passion for making technology useful to common man, drove him to intense research. The magnitude of the problem he was addressing was revealed when he identified that the Indian retail industry accounts for over 10 percent of the country’s GDP and around 8 percent of the employment.  

He worked closely with many dealers, distributors, retailers and understood their helplessness in competing with e-commerce giants. He understood that when a customer places an order online, a remote seller takes the order and keeps it ready for despatch. The delivery is facilitated by the online market and the customer gets it in two to three days. This means that an order placed by a customer from Chennai will be served by a seller from Mumbai and the product will be door delivered by a delivering agent partnering with the e-commerce market giant. The local retailer, who has invested all his hard earned money to open his small retail outlet, keeping a Paid-in-Advance stock, expecting the local crowd to buy from him, was nowhere in the picture and is left helpless even to compete. He felt that it was the Retailer's right to do business in and around the area he has put up his retail store. His thoughts and ideas went not only behind solving this problem but also making sure everyone in the chain gets a Win-Win advantage. The new idea hence born was named SemmaDeal.com. The word Semma means Super and SemmaDeal means Super Deals for everyone. 

Our Goal...
SemmaDeal aims at converting the traditional e-Commerce into a hybrid model where the end customer gets all the advantages (in terms of convenience, pricing, offers, and understanding product value propositions) of an e-commerce portal and at the same time shares the sales opportunity with fellow local Retailers. The major advantage is that the customer gets delivery from a local retailer within three hours and gets support in terms of product service at his doorstep. Every order received at SemmaDeal.com is pushed to the local retailers making sure that their "Right to Sell" is preserved. Local Retailers are thrilled to be a part of this new journey and we are sure it will be a revolution by itself. 

SemmaDeal brings to you the Best of the Products from Best of the Brands packed with Best of the Deals. 



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